Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Wedding

We went to a wedding this past weekend, Amelia's first. It was an outdoor, western themed wedding and so much fun. We had a great time celebrating our friend's big day! Amelia is such a great traveler. She doesn't sleep well in hotel rooms but she is still such a happy baby. She had little cowboy boots to wear with her dress but by the time we took pictures the boots had come off (it was hot). I think she was pretty adorable anyways! I made her dress and headband out of a mens western shirt and some lace.

Monday, March 24, 2014

2 years...Happy Birthday Grant Oliver

2 years have passed since I've held you in my arms. I think of you every day and miss you always. We had a party to celebrate Grant this year and it was so much fun. So many of our friends came and my sister even drove down from Dallas to be here. I decided that we should make tiny hats to donate to local hospitals so that other families would know that their baby is special and loved. We made over 200 hats that day. Our small group at church got us a card and donated money to MEND in Grant's memory. So sweet. I loved being able to celebrate his life with everyone. I had to work on Grant's actual birthday. I was a little bummed about it. However, at work that day someone I work with came up to me and asked to talk to me later. When I was done seeing patients she came down and met me in my office and proceeded to tell me that she lost a baby earlier this year. They received one of the diapers we had donated to our local hospital and she said how much it meant to her. It was amazing hearing about this on Grant's birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven baby boy. I can't wait to see you again.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

6 month Pictures

Here are some of her 6 month pictures taken a couple of different days. She didn't cooperate much the day of her "Valentines" pictures but we still managed to get a few cute ones. As always, I have a pretty amazing photographer in my sister :)

6 months...1/2 yr....HOW?

HOW is she 6 months old already? I don't understand how time has gone so fast. She is growing and changing so fast. I'm loving this age. Watching her learn new things all the time is so fun, and a little sad, all at once.

Weight: 15lbs 8 oz (40%)
Height: 25 inches (11%)
Head: 41.8cm (32%)
LOVES: playing/rolling all over the floor, jumping in her jumper, sucking on her two middle fingers on her right hand (think I Love You sign), baths
HATES: being still
SLEEPING: 11-12 hrs each night, 2-3 naps each day ranging from 15 min to 2 hrs depending on the day
EATING: 4 oz every 2 hours, some baby foods and some regular foods (she prefers to self feed regular food)

She now has TWO teeth and boy are they sharp. She rolls all over the floor and is very quick. She is trying to crawl. I'm not ready for her to be that mobile yet. She loves playing with her toys and making lots of noise. I love hearing her squeal and laugh.

If you compare her growth stats from previous posts you'll notice she isn't growing very fast and is actually losing some of her chub. We have to go back to the doctor in a month to see if she is growing appropriately. She's always keeping us on our toes.

Here is her usual monthly picture in her chair with Grant Bear.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lets Be Honest.....I Don't Love It

Warning: Talk of breastfeeding involved. Don't continue if you don't want to read about it :)

I love, love, love being a mom. I love sweet baby cuddles, smiles, giggles and squeals. She is precious and perfect and I wouldn't trade this for anything. What do I not love then? Breastfeeding/pumping. I really really wanted to, but I don't. I actually despise pumping. I can't wait until she is no longer taking breast milk. I want to give her breast milk until 1 yr, that has been my goal. I don't hate breastfeeding as much as pumping but I don't love it. I like that it's our quiet time. Only me and her. I don't like how she has a terrible latch (always has) and that I still have to use a nipple shield. I don't like that she is super distractible so what should take15 minutes takes 30 and instead of it being a relaxing experience I am always having to try to get her attention again to get her to re-latch. I'm sure some will say that I should enjoy this because I'll miss it when it's over, and you know what, maybe I will. I've learned to never say never when it comes to parenting. I may miss our early morning sessions where she is still sleepy and looks at me and smiles. I know that I most likely won't miss being attached to a machine for 15 minutes at a time every 4-6 hours when I can't breastfeed.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Squeaky Clean

I can't get over how adorable she is :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gospel Community...Being More Transparent

Church this morning was AMAZING. It was all about community. Why we need it and how it should look. I stole our pastors phrase...gospel community. It means making our church look like the community that God has in mind. Rich, poor, educated, uneducated, outgoing, introverted all fellowshiping together, being a community. This means that we rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. We support each other through burdens and hard times. We pray for each other, encourage each other and speak truth to each other. While he was preaching I was thinking about our COM group (small group) that we have recently joined. We have begun making friends in this group and are enjoying getting to know them. However, as he was talking about how we should be more transparent in our COM groups, in order to allow us to really be a gospel community, I was thinking about how most of our group doesn't really know about Grant. One couple already knew Grant's story. I used to work with her and we were friends before we started going to church there. However, only 1 or 2 more girls in the group know about him. It's not because we aren't proud of him. I think it's because we don't want to burden others with the sadness of a baby dying. The look that people give you when you say your baby died is heartbreaking and we aren't always open about it. We need to be though. I was talking with my friend Melinda (who is in our COM group and knows about Grant) after church today about this. I think the next time our group gets together we will share Grant's story. The whole story. These are our friends, fellow believers, those who are supposed to be there to support and love us, they should know about our first born, our son.

I've been thinking about Grant a great deal more lately than normal. I think about him every day but most of the time it's a short thought as I see his picture on our wall or see his nose on Amelia. Sometimes I think more as I rock her and pray before bed or when I see a little boy that would be about his age. As his second birthday is approaching I've thought about him more. I've thought about how I want to celebrate him for his birthday, how I want people to remember him. I'm still working on what I would like to do for his birthday but I'm sure I will figure something out that will honor him and celebrate him. First, I will share his life with our friends.